Our lines can be followed back to the famous Irish lines of Carrokeel and Nutstown, with a bit of Canadian blood which also goes back to the old Irish lines of St-Doulaghs, Dunamaise and Nendrum.


The two sons of Carrokeel Coillte Merlin, the famous Irish Champion and Winner of Crufts (1979 and 1980) were a choice for our breeding. Scolann and Scot were imported to France by our friend and vice-president of the R.A.L.I.E., Patrice Yves. Both had great type, commanding appearance as well as substance and even though they never became Champions, they were remarkable genitors. They can still be found in good pedigrees, as well as their grandfather, famous Ch.Boroughbury Justice, a great genitor of Ireland and Top Winning Dog in 1972, 1973 and 1975. He belonged to Miss E. C. Murphy, Honorary President of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland.


We started with Thonemedia's Miss Muffet, a very nice looking bitch, not very tall, but with beautiful forms, very typical with good expression and substance. Her partner was Carrokeel Scot, a young, typical dog, with good forms and a beautiful expression. From this litter of 7 puppies we kept 3: Colin, Carbury and Cait of Green Ireland. All three of them had a wonderful career, became Champions and proved to be excellent genitors. Colin was an excellent stud dog, but Carbury even excelled him and his qualities were found in his children, the champions Gail, Gilligan, Graham and Glenan. Their sister Cait also showed her quality with puppies as the champions Moloney, Mary, Maureen, Iduna and Ina.


Our lines were consolidated one year later with a magnificent import from Ireland: Lon Dubh of Nutstown; she was typical, powerful, had pure lines and represented grace and beauty. One important element was, that she had a great part of the hereditary potential of the two Irish imports Scolann and Scott. Lon Dubh of Nutstown became Swiss, French and International Champion.

In 1985, she became Best of Breed of the Swiss National I.W.Show. The judge was the breeder Mrs. Helen Baird (Outhwaite). Lon Dubh was a daughter of the great Irish Ch. Nutstown King and beautiful Carrokeel Florrie of Nutstown, who was the perfect example for type of this breed. The litter of Ch. Lon Dubh of Nutstown with Champion Carbury of Green Ireland gave us 7 puppies, 5 remained with us; 4 of them became multiple Champions: Gilligan, Graham, Glenan and Gail, they were also great dogs for breeding and did win the best titles in Europe.The 5th, Gemma of Green Ireland, never knew the stress of showing and never had a litter; she left us at the respectable age of 13 ½  years.


The 1992, 1993 and 1994 were among our most beautiful years as breeders, as we had the pleasure of living with 10 champions bred by us and with whom we could spend our spare time. The older dogs of Green Ireland were now Ch. Carbury, Ch. Colin and Ch. Cait of Green Ireland, who were in their 11th year, followed by Ch. Fionna, 10 years, Ch. Graham and Ch. Gail, 9 years, Ch. Liam, 6 years, Ch. Moloney and Ch. Mary, 4 years and young Ch. O'Leary, 3 years.

Ch. Boroughbury Justice, 

his son

Ch.Carrokeel Coillte Merlin


Ch. Carrokeel Florrie of Nutstown


Int. F. CH Ch. Lon Dubh of Nutstown

Since 1977 our Kennel is the most successful  in Switzerland. Our 31 Champions won 82 national, international and European titles in Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. In 1992, we obtained one of our most beautiful victories in Spain at the World Show; we presented 3 of our dogs and Moloney became World Champion, followed by his father Graham, who became Vice ­World Champion. His sister, Mary, also became Vice World Champion


In 1999, we were surrounded by 8 Champions bred by us; the older ones were Ch. Moloney and Ch. Mary, 12 years. We had 5 other veterans aged 8 to 12. Gemma died when she was 13 ½ years old. Brian Boru of Green Ireland became International and Swiss Champion as well as Best of Breed under Mrs Kathleen Kelly (Nutstown) during the French National Show in 1999, so Brian Boru of Green Ireland also became  French Champion.


The year 2000 was good to us, Lowenna gave us a litter of 10 puppies. The sire was the French Ch. 1997, Toby of Green Ireland. It was a very homogenous and promising litter, so we kept 5 wonderfully typical puppies with us. Another success in 2000 was the Swiss and International Ch. title for our Alanna of Green Ireland.

Now, in spring 2002, we become aware of the fact that we are getting older, even though our enthusiasm and our love for this breed has not diminished with the years, the contrary is true. But now we have to slow down a bit and this was the reason why we had no litter in 2001.




Rémy Erath


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